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The focal point of your home should also be the most secure and the most hardwearing. All our PVC and composite doors are fitted with multipoint hook and roller locking mechanism in addition to a deadbolt, ensuring you have the best quality security products protecting you and your home.

Various designs and colours are available on all our doors that are tailor made to your home with either a standard, low profile or aluminium threshold for ease of access and strength to take heavy foot traffic. You can also choose from a wide range of panel designs, glass patterns and door configurations to get exactly the style of door you want.

Alternatively, make your selection from the latest generation in residential doors. The Composite Door marries the strength of timber doors with the durability of UPVC. With the choice of colours, woodgrain finishes, door styles, glazing options and accessories, everything can be tailored and customised to suit your tastes.

Composite doors have a high quality laminated timber inner section, which provides a combination of strength, durability and stability. The doors are faced with high impact, thermoplastic skins available in a variety of colours, making them durable and maintenance free.

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